Michael Jackson

Michael, Marlon & Elizabeth - Urban Myths by Jonathan Green

Sadly, as a viewer, you'll never get a chance to see this production.

As of two days ago, Sky in their wisdom decided to pull it on the strength of objections by the Jackson family, who thought the portrayal (having only seen a 10 second trailer) to be "offensive".

Having worked on this show and seen the completed programme, I can honestly say all the hype around it is totally wrong.

Unlike every other comedy before it, this portrayal of Michael Jackson is not a "piss take", and does not show the artist in a bad light. It's a beautifully performed charming and heart-warming piece, with caring and nuanced acting by all of its cast, including one of the last performances by Carrie Fisher.

Unfortunately, the world has been robbed of this delightful show, which sets a seriously worrying precedent for the Film & TV Industry.

If we are to have a show pulled that is deemed too offensive because of it's portrayal of celebrities, we will never again see the likes of shows such as Brass Eye, Spitting Image, even Star Stories amongst many others, or actors such as Ben Kingsley playing Ghandi, which is a depressing thought.