Nearing completion / by Jonathan Green

The deadline approaches, and we put in a few days that finish around 2am.

On our penultimate day, we get a bit of extra help from the amazing support team, which ensures we’ll be done in time without too much stress. Although we planned on doing the entire room alone, we were hugely grateful for the extra help to save us having to work through the night.

The Support Team are invaluable, especially for first timers like us. They are an amazing bunch of skilled, artistic people and the IceHotel would not happen without them. Shout out to the incredible Luca Roncoroni, Elisabeth Kristensen, Dave Ruane, Vytautus Musteikis and Henrik Spett.

We also spend our final 2 days working alongside the Lighting Team, (Olaf, Haennes and Helena) who literally bring the room to life. Having spent two weeks looking at the room under the un-flattering working light, our room is transformed by their masterful placing of LED lights and coloured gels. All the cables get buried in the walls, and covered over with snice, so it all looks invisible.

Finally, the IceHotel official photographer Asaf Kliger, creates a masterpiece for all the world to see.

It’s a huge team effort that is a delight to behold. Everybody helps each other in our joint goal to create the best Ice Hotel suites possible.

On the final day, at 6pm, we all take part in an emotional Vernissage, where each artist speaks to the group about their room before we all walk around and look at people’s work. Everybody has put their heart and soul into their rooms, and it shows. We are all cold and exhausted, but it has been the most incredible privilege, to work alongside such talented and wonderful people from all around the world, creating art in the most magical place.

All of this is down to the vision of the legendary Arne Bergh, who has been in charge of the IceHotel for almost all of it's 29 year life.

The photos don’t quite do it justice, so if you ever get the chance to head to Northern Sweden, try to spend a couple of days at the IceHotel, Jukkasjärvi. It is truly magical.

The Living Ocean Suite 217 from start to finish in 13 days