Jonathan Paul Green

Day 2 by Jonathan Green

The start of our first full day of work, and temperatures reach a near disastrous +4 degrees C.

Although its more pleasant to work in, everything is starting to melt. The ‘Snice’ becomes wet and then re-freezes when the temperature drops, turning it more icy, and therefore harder to work with. It becomes rock hard, and starts to change colour to off-white.

This rise in temperature also stops any further building of the IceHotel structure, which puts a lot of pressure on the Building Team.

The mood within the team is definitely more sombre, but we all know the temperature will drop tomorrow, if the forecasts are correct.

For now, we’re marking out where the whale will be, and start to carve its outline. It’s incredibly hard physically, working over your head, and being so close to the subject that it’s impossible to see the form clearly.

We knew this part would be hard, but neither of us had quite foreseen just how demanding ceiling work would be. Digging out over your head, being showered with wet cold snow, and having to jump down from the tower every few minutes to see what you’d done. Quite exhausting.